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About VSE

VSE is the ultimate specialist in advanced, innovative steering and suspension solutions enabling users to obtain sustainable returns from transport equipment.

VSE has been a trusted name in the automotive world since 1985 and since 2021 has been part of the Hübner Group. 



Mobility. Materials. Photonics.  | united by passion.

As a global system supplier for the mobility industry, for manufacturing and for life sciences and research applications, the HÜBNER Group is the worldwide leader in gangway systems for buses and railway vehicles (Mobility), a well-recognized specialist for sophisticated elastomer solutions and products, insulation and composite materials (Material Solutions), as well as a supplier for applications in the field of laser, terahertz and high frequency technologies (Photonics). The HÜBNER Group employs more than 3,500 persons worldwide. In addition to the headquarters in Kassel, Germany, HÜBNER has established more than 30 locations around the world over the preceding years.



Is your organisation always at the cutting edge and never afraid to be a step ahead of the competition? Then VSE is your perfect partner: we can work together to explore the possibilities and discover what you can achieve.

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VSE’s in-depth knowledge of vehicle dynamics makes us your go-to partner for the development and supply of smart and flexible steering and suspension systems, for which the safety of people, machine and information is paramount. Our commercial vehicles not only perform better, they also score highly in terms of comfort, durability and safety.


To achieve this mission VSE, as a supplier of steering and suspension systems, works to strengthen the business relationship with truck and trailer manufacturers. We do this by offering innovative systems and operational flexibility. This is done with the understanding that we are operating in a 24/7 world where service is an essential requirement and laws and regulations are becoming ever more restrictive.

In pursuing its aims VSE never hesitates to depart from the standard solutions and seek innovative technologies. Working with VSE means undertaking a journey in which all parties gain new knowledge and experience, making them richer and wiser. VSE is an approachable, frank, open-minded company that responds to the wishes of its customers and employees with understanding.