Easily through the curve!

What does VSE Steering do for you, as a trailer builder?

VSE Steering makes it possible to offer your customer unique, cutting edge trailer designs. Semi-trailers and drawbar trailers can be fitted with one, two or three steered axles in every conceivable configuration without the steering system adding significantly to the vehicle’s net weight.

Due to the use of knuckle-steered axles with steering cylinders, the semi-trailer or drawbar trailer can be built in practically the same manner as if rigid axles were used. There are no mechanical or hydraulic connections between the kingpin and the axles; a sensor measures the angle of rotation between the truck and trailer.

So, the VSE steering system gives builders more freedom in designing their trailers. They can easily adapt the system to their design needs. This produces in an optimum trailer design with the added benefit of resulting in a trailer that provides exceptional manoeuvrability and lower tyre costs than it would otherwise have without a VSE steering system.


 Avarage installation time 8 hours!

  1. Fitting the special kingpin with sensor. This is just as simple as installing one without a sensor.
  2. Fitting the ready-to-use stainless steel system locker, supplied by VSE.
  3. Fitting one or more knuckle-steered axles with VSE steering cylinder. All leading semi-trailer axle manufacturers have VSE-ready axles in their product range.
  4. Making the electrical and hydraulic connections between the system locker, kingpin and axles.
  5. Calibration of the VSE system via the intuitive VSE diagnostic program. No bleeding required!


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